Wellness at JENEVERE

The philosophy of Wellness at Jenevere is that wellness is tied to our mind, body and spirit. We are inspired by others, but more importantly, we are inspired by ourselves. How we see ourselves is vital in how we see the world.


Skin care consulting and services – Daily maintenance of skin and proper use of products are key for men and women. Tailored and comprehensive consultations allow for individuals who want to seek consultation and other services to best achieve their goals in looking their best and feeling good about it. It is important to feel comfortable in our own skin. Consultations may include but not limited to general skin care, make-up for day-to-day and for special occasions, and individualized skin care plan and product selection.

For inquiries regarding any of the above consulting, please email Dr. Jen.

Dr. Wenli Jen is a licensed esthetician in the state of California, and assists in wellness and health centers in Southern California. She works with individuals and groups of individuals to foster individuals’ development to be more highly effective in their personal and professional lives through education, training, coaching and support.


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